Battery Cable Device Terminal Connector

This improved battery cable connector device is currently documented at the United States Patent and
Trademark Office. Because of its uniqueness, it can be used on any DC Battery to Cable application.

Our patent covers top mount, side mount, and in line battery to cable connections.
This innovative battery cable connector does not require the use of tools to disconnect or connect
your battery, and has the ability to swivel while still maintaining full contact for current flow.

Modern motor vehicles contain electronic control systems that are easily damaged by electrical surges.

To prevent such surges, it is recommended that the negative battery cable be disconnected before
any work is preformed on the vehicle's electrical system.

Battery cables are typically connected to the battery terminals by bolted clamps.

The removal and subsequent installation of battery cable clamps is a time-consuming operation that is
performed repeatedly each day by professional mechanics. It would be a tremendous time and money
saver to have a quick  alternative for disconnecting and reconnecting a battery cable without tools.

This device may very well change the way the industry is known today for battery to cable connection,
and in the near future make the old style terminal method obsolete.
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