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Why Automotive Battery Cable Device  1.  Why a Battery Cable Quick Connector From A.I.R.Inc?
Auto makers
1970's auto makers have been installing On Board Computer (OBC's) in their vehicles. The first thing a
certified mechanic will do after diagnosing an electrical problem for repair is to disconnect your (-) negative battery cable.
This will prevent a direct short to ground, which could harm or destroy the OBC on your vehicle. After a repair is made, the
mechanic will clean, replace, and sometimes spray seal the battery terminal. This can be time consuming and costly. With a
Quick Connector, it's a twist and click away from unnecessary repair steps, which saves you time and money.

2.  What's the Fastest way to help stop an Electrical Automotive Fire?

A twist and a click from A.I.R.'s Battery Cable Connector will immediately interrupt the power flow that is fueling the fire.

3.  I have both an Antique and a Show car,how can your product help me?

Installing A.I.R.'s Battery Cable Connector on your (-)negative battery cable will allow you to disconnect your battery with a
twist and a click without the use of any tools. This will prevent battery drain, which is common while the vehicle is parked.

4.  Can a Quick Connector be used as an Anti-Theft device?  It's hard to steal a vehicle if it doesn't start,and I have never
heard of any thief that is willing to repair anything before they steal it.

5.  What else could I use this product on?  Battery Cable Connectors are both unique and innovative. They can be used on
any D.C. Battery to Cable Application.
The most common sizes of D.C.or Direct Current Battery cables are, 6Ga, 2Ga, 1Ga, and 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0. (Ga. Meaning
Gauge and O meaning Ott,  which are electrical terms, used for Diameter in Cable Size).

6.  Does this product have a Guarantee?

A.I.R. Inc. Guarantees that with proper sizing of product to cable, and proper installation, the A.I.R. Battery cable connector
has the ability to transfer as much Direct Current (D.C.) in Amperage and Voltage that the battery cable is rated to safely

We also guarantee the A.I.R. Battery cable connector will last as long as the original battery cable it is connected to. (
assuming proper sizing and installation)
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